Applied Communication Studies

Communication is an interdisciplinary subject which draws its material, evidence and prominent theories from a wide range of fields of study such as telecommunication, public relations, economics, linguistics, politics, anthropology and sociology, and what have you.

With this in mind, the laboratory of Applied Communication in Context views communication as a subject with fluidly interdependent territories. It focuses on the study of a social issue or problem with the primary purpose of identifying solutions and recommendations to address that social issue. The hallmarks of applied communication are the study of topics with social relevance and identifying ways to improve the practice of communication.

Applied communication is grounded in theory; however, applied research does not have a focus solely on theory building. Instead, members of the laboratory seek ways to communicate recommendations and solutions to communication related issues, for a vision of making communication a successfull enterprise in all contexts.

Our Aims

The Applied Communication in Context laboratory (ACC lab) brings together graduate students, PhD students, and researchers to study the applications of communication in education, translation, social relations, business, and organizational relations.

Therefore, our general aim is to enrich the literature and practice by conducting and publishing original works that contribute to knowledge about how people practice communication across diverse contexts. All theoretical and methodological approaches are welcome, as are all contextual areas. Of utmost importance is that an applied communication problem or issue is clearly identified as the motivation for the research.

Our Research Field

Our research focuses on investigating communication related issues within a variety of contexts including social, interpersonal, organizational, educational, and many more. With this in mind, the areas of interest of the laboratory of Applied Communication in Context include:

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Organizational and Business Communication
  • Intercultural and Cross-cultural Communication
  • Mass Communication
  • Education
  • Translation
  • Discourse Analysis